A Major Movie Moment…

9 04 2009

Oh what a beautiful day it was today!!! I relaxed in my back yard against a tree reading a most captivating South Korean Best Seller.
I made a pitcher of blended frozen berries & mangoes to keep me cool, and silenced my phone as I enjoy taking time out to just be with me. It was so wonderful,  I had to share it with you to hopefully inspire you to give yourself a day… All to yourself!

I know you have “a million” things to do but in all fairness to yourself how important is it really? We place the level of importance on all things when NOTHING outside of yourself is more important. So go ‘head give it up for yourself one time! It’s been so long and you owe it to not only you but the ones around you too.

Enjoy your weekend!!! Leave Love as Your Lasting Impression 😉





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