The Streets Scene

4 05 2009

photo2_lisa-hartwellWhile working at the “State of Mind Music” office, I was wisked away to attend a taping of The Real Housewives Of Atlanta: Season 2 where Mrs. Lisa Hartwell (not the designer, but the brain child behind the brand) hosted a fashion show (where there were “Fashons” honey!) and after party sponsored by Closet Freak & her domestic violence foundation and a new drink Rhythm (which tastes like Kook-Aid). The event was great…..and the gift bags were even better and my girl Lisa was so fly (as always)!

I’d like to thank Jerrell Allen for the VIP access and Lisa & Edgerton Hartwell for being such a gracious hosts (that’s him in the background drinking the bottled was soo hot). I’m glad I was able to attend shot out to Devo Dwight, Micheal Knight, J-Holiday, Que Parker, Ms. A.J. Johnson (hope you found something good to eat girl), NeNe & Gregory Leakes (he is a real stand up dude), and the FAM: $tacks & Dent, … Oh & I don’t want to forget Polow Da Don (it’s been a minute good to see you homie), Teyanna Taylor, Jazze Pha, & Tony Rock (who I ran into at another party). Overall….. the night was a lot of fun….. but most of all productive and that’s what it’s really all about (for me at least). I hope you all enjoy your weekend, have fun & drink responsibly.

Love Ya,



Earth Day Scene

23 04 2009

The Gulf of Mexico
I’m not sure how you chose to show your love for the Planet Earth yesterday but I’d love to hear about it ;-)…

I spent the day on the beach in Florida and was it ever so perfectly warm & beautiful!!!!!! I laid out, got a little tan, read over some monologues, and just took out the time to appreciate the beauty of nature (with the phone powered off). I also took out some time to mingle with the other beach-goers and share with them tips on composting and encouraged them to recycle their empty beer alcohol and water bottles once they leave the beach. It felt really good to personally interact with people (instead of texting/ twitting/ IMing etc.) and to make it an exciting interaction about being good to the future of our Planet was the cherry on top. That felt REALLY good!!! Feel free to share your Earth Day experience and/ or any tips & suggestions you may have to help show a little more love to the Planet.


My Birthday Scene…

18 04 2009
Although my actual Birthday was April 12 (Easter Sunday) …
I have spent this PAST WEEK celebrating life with family friends and fellow Aries’. This has been a great series of birthday celebrations and the fact that so many people contributed to this wonderful week of events….. I felt it was necessary to send a special thanks to everyone…  😉


    • THE SPA (that will remain nameless) – they know who they are, thank you for being so accommodating at any hour
    • AJA Restaurant (who’s name was inspired by yours truly)
    • TRIBAL GEAR (Graph geniuses-Bobby keeps me in the freshest gear- THANK YOU)
    • Elaine Jarreau (I LOVE YOU)
    • PsychoLes (Aries)
    • Anthony & Staci (Lacy) DENT (Both Aries)


  • Barry “$tack$” Washington (My Brotha)
  • “Killa” Omar Hernandez (FOR LIFE)
  • Sherwin C. “SHO” Dyer (Aries)
  • Steve Canal(PUNCTUAL)
  • Riki & Crystal Gilliam
  • Nancita “Lil Nanci” Stith (Aries)
  • Marquis, Olivia & Navaniska Jacox
  • Jamin & Daricia Mia Pi McBeth (Aries)
  • Marvisha K. Frazier (your gift was amazing & it’s still giving)
  • Jase Demond Marvin McCollough
  • Chynna (All grown up)
  • Andrella “Muffy” Gaynor (Thank you for the videos. Priceless!)
  • Chaquia AKA Shitty
  • Nasir & LIL NASIR
  • Poo Gaines
  • Alyesha
  • Fred “Fab 5 Freddy” Bathwaite
  • Maum Meditation Center (The best cake ever- thank you ALL)
  • Coach K (Barbecue King)
  • Brian “Coop DeVille” Cooper (Aries)
  • Enyia-Anise Beauty Bar
  • January D. Jackson
  • Al Boogie
  • Jennifer Sirmons (Hey Girl!)
  • Kia Ross (MY DOG)
  • Tionna Turner
  • Tori Hawkins
  • Trev Hollyhood (of the Wendy Williams radio show WBLS NYC-Thanks- you put together the greatest “Best of’s”)
  • Patrick Garrity
  • Amber Conley
  • Steve “Stevie J” Jordan
  • KP (Aries)
  • Jazze Pha (Aries)
  • Usher & Tameka
  • Jermaine Dupree
  • Trey Songs
  • T.I. & Tiny
  • Aaron Reid
  • Ulysses Zackery
  • Nick Miller
  • Trina Renee
  • Ann-Marie Norbert
  • Ras Wooten
  • Makeda Zulu-Gillespie
  • Alverez the MostCold
  • BooKoo Beats


WHOOOO!!! If I failed to mention you forgive me…. I was a little NICE & that was just off the top of my head. Thank you all for your participation in such a memorable birthday week. It may be over technically but if you know me personally the fun never ends… To Be Continued!

A Major Movie Moment…

9 04 2009

Oh what a beautiful day it was today!!! I relaxed in my back yard against a tree reading a most captivating South Korean Best Seller.
I made a pitcher of blended frozen berries & mangoes to keep me cool, and silenced my phone as I enjoy taking time out to just be with me. It was so wonderful,  I had to share it with you to hopefully inspire you to give yourself a day… All to yourself!

I know you have “a million” things to do but in all fairness to yourself how important is it really? We place the level of importance on all things when NOTHING outside of yourself is more important. So go ‘head give it up for yourself one time! It’s been so long and you owe it to not only you but the ones around you too.

Enjoy your weekend!!! Leave Love as Your Lasting Impression 😉


Mi Casa es Su Casa

31 03 2009
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COME INTO MY HOUSE. This is Aja Major saying thank you for coming over! You’re welcomed anytime to share my space. I invite you to come over as often as you’d like to get a glimpse into  my daily movie scene (most would refer to it as a life) ……What ever you call it…. I’m here to share it all with you.

I’ve also been known to motivate others during their most pressing times in their movie scenes so if you just need an ear/advice I’m here for that too.

Just be sure to stop by if you’re in the neighborhood and go ahead and contact me if you need someone to talk to. In the meantime,  take a seat…… kick up your feet and let me know if I can get you a glass of something………. while you wait on the main course.  😉