Francisco’s $$$ Speech

29 05 2011

This short Film is an excerpt from the infamous “Atlas Shrugged” by the great, Ayn Rand. The role was originally intended to cast an Argentinean Male, but I just went to audition anyway and good thing I did.
The set up: I am acting as Francisco, a well off hard working character. Francisca (me) is attending a ball with all of the high powered, and filthy rich in attendance. The boiling frustration at the very site of these individuals, who are at times referred to as “moochers” or “looters”, prompts this extremely heart felt speech.
I had soooooo much fun!!! As serious as I seem to be I was laughing hysterically every time they called “cut”, because the extras could not tell if I was seriously yelling at them or not. My acting skills were intact on this set. This was filmed simultaneously while I worked on “Stuck Between Stations” (a few posts down) and I was tired out of my mind, but I love the arts and I can never get enough. Thanks to the wonderful cast, crew and director Scott Seeger for casting me strictly on the basis of my talent, much appreciated.