Holiday Scene

18 11 2009

I just made it to the audition for this print ad 5 minutes before it was closed and thankfully I was determined enough to make it in spite of the days events. I met with Jess and Lindsey who you could tell both had artistic minds (I like that). Although our meeting was brief it was enough for them to decide to make me a part of the holiday online ad campaign. I am displaying a beautiful pair of star shaped mother of pearl earrings. Thank you to photographer Paul Bernhardt, Jess, Lindsey, and the entire staff of the Wedge/ Wedge-Worldwide.

Wedge Worldwide is an online retail storefront that carries a vast array of earth-friendly products available for purchase to our expanding customer base. Our aim is to empower our shoppers so they are able to make lifestyle choices that support their well-being, their health and the health of our planet.

Wedge Worldwide is a branch of our member-owned brick and mortar store: the Wedge Co-op, a natural food store in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Our website and store are available to all shoppers- you do not need to be a co-op member in order to buy from us. The Wedge Co-op was opened in November of 1974 and was the first certified organic store in Minnesota. Over the last three decades, the Wedge Co-op has been an advocate for organics, fair trade and consumer health issues, and has promoted education about food and environmental responsibility. A percentage of the Wedge Co-op’s profits is regularly donated to worthy causes through the WedgeShare Program. Further, we have undertaken our own Fair Trade Program. Learn more about the Wedge Co-op.