Earth Day Scene

23 04 2009

The Gulf of Mexico
I’m not sure how you chose to show your love for the Planet Earth yesterday but I’d love to hear about it ;-)…

I spent the day on the beach in Florida and was it ever so perfectly warm & beautiful!!!!!! I laid out, got a little tan, read over some monologues, and just took out the time to appreciate the beauty of nature (with the phone powered off). I also took out some time to mingle with the other beach-goers and share with them tips on composting and encouraged them to recycle their empty beer alcohol and water bottles once they leave the beach. It felt really good to personally interact with people (instead of texting/ twitting/ IMing etc.) and to make it an exciting interaction about being good to the future of our Planet was the cherry on top. That felt REALLY good!!! Feel free to share your Earth Day experience and/ or any tips & suggestions you may have to help show a little more love to the Planet.